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Traffic Calming …. and get street furniture selective

As we write there is news of a stolen vehicle crashing into the home of an elderly lady in Birmingham whilst the driver was trying to make their escape from police and although we couldn’t have prevented this we do have a solution for traffic calming in high risk areas.

Take a look at the story here:

Street furniture bollards are an essential solution for high-risk traffic calming.  A concept that came into being in the 1930s, traffic calming was based on the premise that residential areas should be safe for pedestrians by protecting them from through traffic. Latterly, the benefits of reduced noise and air pollution have also been recognised.

You’ll know that traffic calming includes anything from the vertical classed speed humps and cushions, to the horizontal including chicanes and road narrowing and finally to cameras and signage.  You’ll also know that the costs and practicalities of each of these vary with successful reduction of injury to pedestrians ranging from 44% for vertical products down to 15% for cameras and horizontal options middling at 29%.*

We don’t need to tell you that it’s imperative that the most appropriate method is applied, with the appropriate rigour in quality and process in every instance to maximise safety and manage budgets.

Here at TMP, we offer a wide range of street furniture and traffic calming solutions.  We are focussed in delivering on-going innovation, product design and quality control.  Every single item we manufacture has been designed and built here in the UK by our experienced and dedicated team of engineers to ISO9001 standard.

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