When street furniture really gets serious

London Security Bollards

This week the Government touched on a topic that we all, unfortunately, are very familiar with nowadays. This year there has been a string of vehicle terrorist attacks, including Westminster and Borough Market, issuing concern among human safety. Can Street Furniture help?

Council chiefs have urged ministers to install bollards and benches near railways, bus and coach stations to prevent future terror attacks. A report issued by The Department of Transport has also stated that bollards, walls, and benches are ‘key front-line measures’ to safeguard stations from potential blasts or vehicles miss-treated to target pedestrians.

Largely known, populated transport zones such as railway stations, coach stations, and airports are deemed the prime targets for terrorists and attackers. Arsenal’s football stadium, is just one example of a popular area that has been designed with bollards and statues (e.g. giant ornate cannon) to act as a barrier and prevent attacks.

Whilst, there is no way to stop these attacks indefinitely, street furniture can significantly mitigate the threat and as such, street furniture bollards are a crucial solution for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

Bollards are installed to stop cars and trucks that are traveling at extreme speeds from causing severe damage to pedestrians and buildings. Placed in areas of high pedestrian flow, they are designed to provide a physical barrier between pedestrians and vehicles, whilst still giving access to cyclists. They also provide safety in commercial areas through low maintenance access control.

Here at TMP, we provide a range of conventional and contemporary street furniture bollards, available in standard or passively safe finishes. We offer 4 mounting options – anti-ram, surface mounted or socket featuring our LockSafe® system. Our distinct, patent-pending socket mechanism enables the simple removal and replacement of similar socketed bollards on the market.

All items manufactured here at TMP have been designed by our experienced and dedicated team of engineers, here in the UK to ISO9001 standard.

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