TMP Professional Services

Ssssh … TMP Professional Services are a closely guarded secret.

One of the benefits of having such a widely talented and experienced team in the exterior lighting and highways sector (well if we don’t tell you, no-one else will) is that we are able to help our clients above and beyond providing highways furniture and equipment. What does this mean? Well, we’re talking TMP Professional Services – and this is unusual for us, because it’s not something we often talk about.

Why do clients use us? Well, we have a very strong track record of working with Local Authorities right across the UK – and it’s this knowledge that equips us to be able to offer a range of professional services that includes everything from compiling detailed inventories, through to preparing and submitting business cases to support capital funding, and the design and delivery of installations.

We also offer training to highway engineering practitioners, tailored to suit the needs of your team.  Again, the depth of our knowledge and experience means that you a receive highly competent, high quality service, which is why our customers come back to us time and time again. We’re not sure they’d like us to share our knowledge … so ssssh!

Contact a member of our team on for an initial discussion or visit for more information.

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