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TMP Solutions Lock Safe Ground Socket

TMP Ground Socket For Street Bollards


The LockSafe® ground socket allows the TMP range of street bollards to be easily removed and replaced for temporary, permanent or semi-permanent applications. Damaged bollards can also be quickly replaced without expensive groundworks.
  • Fully compliant to BS EN 12767 100:NE:4
  • Concreted into the ground
  • Steel plug plate is sold separately to protect socket when it is empty.
  • Recyclable
Delivery Estimate: 3 - 5 Days Need it sooner? Call us on 0208 744 8201
Traffic Bollard TMP NAL Retention Socket

Traffic Bollard Retention Socket

The TMP Retention Socket is the perfect foundation choice for bollards located in vulnerable areas that are prone to repeated knockdowns. Bollards can be installed and replaced in seconds, not only making it safer for the highway operatives but there are considerable traffic management and civils savings too!
  • 50x50 Retention Socket
  • Fast and safe bollard installation and replacement
  • More cost effective than traditional foundations
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Bollard Socket

NAL Retention Socket

NAL 50 x 50 Bollard Retention Socket Delivery Estimate: 3 - 5 Days Need it sooner? Call us on 0208 744 8201

Lockblock Socket System For Removable Railings

From: £57.00
The Lockblock socket system for removable railings is perfect for all the Procity railing range. Completely stable and secure in the sockets, and easy to remove from the sockets to allow authorised vehicles access to the protected area.
  • 11mm triangle key for locking and unlocking socket.
  • 100% galvanised for corrosion protection.
  • Lock protected by a black lacquered flap.
Delivery Estimate: 7-10 days Need it sooner? Call us on 0208 744 8201

Lockblock 21 Socket System For 76/90/114mm Diameter Steel Bollards

From: £103.00
The Lockblock 21 socket system is a sturdy foundation for steel bollards that need to be removable. The parts above ground are lacquered in a smart black and the bollard is easily manoeuvred in and out of the socket.
  • 11mm triangle key for locking in bollard.
  • Galvanised steel with stainless steel mechanism.
  • 180mm of bollard set into the socket.
Delivery Estimate: 7-10 Days Need it sooner? Call us on 0208 744 8201  

Ground Sockets For Steel Bollards

From: £14.00
The standard and lockable ground sockets are suitable for making the range of steel bollards that are available removable. The sockets are made from galvanised steel making them corrosion free and they fit flush with the ground ensuring they do not create trip hazards.
  • Lockable socket locks with an 11mm triangle key.
  • Lock protected by a black lacquered flap.
  • Lockable sockets for posts diameters 60/76/90mm and 70mmx70mm post
  • Standard sockets for posts diameters 60/76/90/114mm and 70mmx70mm post
Delivery Estimate: 4- 5 Weeks Need it sooner? Call us on 0208 744 8201