Evo-Chev HEA Product of the Year 2018

Dan Robinson receives HEA award for Evo-Chev

We’re absolutely over the moon to announce that the TMP Solutions Evo-Chev Passive Chevron System won Product of the Year at the Highway Electrical Association Awards.

The awards are part of the HEA HEMSA Annual Dinner, a sparkling event recognising the very best organisations, employees and initiatives in the highway electrical sector. The Awards celebrate excellence from the industry’s top performers and recognise the valuable contribution made by employees of HEA Members. Held at the Celtic Manor & Resort Hotel in Newport, Wales, the HEA Awards are a prestigious event held at a prestigious venue.

Our Evo-Chev Passive Chevron System was nominated for the HEA-HEMSA Member – Product of the Year Award. The Award, sponsored by E.ON Energy Solutions, recognises the best in product design and manufacture.

“We’re extremely proud of this award, the positive feedback from Contractors and Local Authorities that have the Evo-Chev installed on their network has been so strong and it’s great to receive this industry recognition.”
Dan Robinson – Managing Director, TMP Solutions.

What is the Evo-Chev

The Evo-Chev is the ultimate chevron system – Passively Safe, Highly Visible, Robust, Cost Effective and almost Maintenance Free. Available in a wide variety of heights and widths, the Evo-Chev lends itself to multiple applications.

Rationale Behind the Design

The Evo-Chev is a safer more resilient chevron system designed for locations where collisions have, or are likely to happen. For this reason, we made the Evo-Chev quick and easy to install, resilient and able to rebound following an impact. The Evo-Chev delivers 360° impact resilience, meaning that no matter the angle of impact the Evo-Chev will rebound instantly to continue its function as a warning sign.

Benefits to the customer and the motorist

The Evo-Chev is more visible than a traditional chevron, meaning that the motorist is notified of the hazardous bend faster or traffic island/roundabout. If the errant vehicle does contact the Evo-Chev the vehicle will pass through without further damage because of the 100:NE:4 rating– Thus safety for the motorist is improved.

And for the local authority, the Evo-Chev delivers fantastic cost saving when compared to other rebound chevron systems. Based on an average of two impacts per year the Evo-Chev system will save £1,000s in traffic management alone!

True Innovation – Passively Safe and Motorcycle Friendly

The Evo-Chev is truly “Crash Friendly”. When a vehicle impacts the Evo-Chev each blade folds down at the base to let the vehicle pass through, then returns upright to warn more drivers. All the maintenance crew need to do following an impact is replace the sacrificial fixings that join the blades together. This literally takes only seconds to refit. And because the blade folds on the specially designed base, this makes Evo-Chev not only passively safe, but also Incredibly motorcycle friendly as well. Motorcyclists have far less protection in a collision, and this is why we designed the Evo-Chev to be built almost entirely from Polyurethane and other plastics.

Easy Installation – Foundation, Retrofit or NAL Socket

The other key innovation is the ease of installation. The faster the installation, the safer it is for the operatives installing the system, and the less of the cost of traffic management. The Evo-Chev is delivered in easily manageable sections and foundation cages. The foundation cages are concreted in, then the Evo-Chev sections are bolted to them, very quick and easy.

And if that wasn’t enough our unique base system can be retro-fitted to other chevron blade system foundations, without the need for expensive excavation and requires no special tools. Plus if a removable solution is needed the Evo-Chev is fully compliant and tested with NAL sockets.

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