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Motorcycle Friendly Evo-Chev Chevron System To Deliver Cost Savings

Evo Chev RSRB Chevron road sign

The Evo-Chev Chevron System has been installed on Titnore Lane, West Sussex, to improve road safety and reduce maintenance costs on a series of tight double bends.

Originally each bend had traditional black and white chevron signs mounted on steel posts to highlight the hazard but unfortunately, they were being hit repeatedly by errant vehicles. In fact, three sets were wiped out in just a matter of weeks in the winter of 2017/2018. Drivers were simply not seeing, or choosing to ignore these warning signs. Along with the risk of injury, or worse to drivers every time the signs are hit there is a substantial cost to West Sussex County Council to replace them.

The Passive Evo-Chev is the safe solution!

If the Evo-Chev is hit, it’s rated as passively safe achieving a “crash friendly” rating of 100:NE:4 in accordance with BS EN 12767:2007. This means that when a vehicle impacts the Evo-Chev each blade folds down at the base to let the vehicle pass through, then returns upright to warn more drivers. All the maintenance crew need to do following an impact is replace the sacrificial fixings that literally take only seconds to refit. Because the blade folds on the specially designed base, this makes EVO-Chev not only passively safe, but also Incredibly motorcycle friendly as well* The Evo-Chev is designed so that it can withstand impacts from any direction and is incredibly easy to install with our pre-spaced mounting plate. Installation is also quicker than traditional methods reducing the risk to the installers and the costs of traffic management. Plus, the Evo-Chev can easily be retrofitted on to other chevron blade system foundations, without the need for expensive excavation and requires no special tools.

“I’m happy to say the chevrons are in place! They look very good! Thank you for your help throughout this. They offer a great alternative to the existing products on the market.” Highways and Transport West Sussex County Council

“The Evo-Chev looks much better and is more visible to motorists and I’m expect they will show cost savings as it is much quicker and cheaper to repair in the event of an incident.” Highways and Transport West Sussex County Council

Cost saving example

Our Evo-Chev is incredibly cost-effective when compared to other rebound chevron systems, and based on an average of two impacts per year the Evo-Chev system is both less expensive and more resilient!

Initial installation:
• 5 x traditional chevron sets including traffic management- circa £4,850
• 5 x TMP Evo-Chev including traffic management – circa £6,500

Replacement following each impact:
• Traditional chevron set including traffic management- circa £1,500
• TMP Evo-Chev is designed to withstand multiple impacts* –£0

With an average of two impacts per year, over five years at this site in West Sussex the Evo-Chev system saves £15,000!

The Evo-Chev is designed to withstand the hits and lessen the need for traffic management. Also, being a passively safe product the Evo-Chev poses less of a risk of injury to motorists. *


*The idea behind all passively safe products is better safety for the driver, traffic products are not indestructible and it is impossible to guarantee performance in every impact. However, we have carried out scientific and real-world tests in accordance with BS EN 12767 and achieved the highest safety rating of 100:NE:4.

Replace your traditional traffic chevron signs

The Evo-Chev is rated 100:NE:4 Passively Safe

TMP Evo Chev Built in the west midlands

Delivered in sections for a safer and faster installation.

Motorcycle safe Evo Chev Traffic Chevron system

The Evo-Chev is motorcycle friendly

Improved driver visibility from the TMP Evo Chev chevron system

The Evo-Chev Passive Chevron system delivers improved visibility

Cost Saving Evo Chev Traffic Chevron

The Evo-Chev is 100% UK made

Traffic Management Products Chevron on bend

The Evo-Chev Passive Chevron system for cost savings

Double Sided Chevron sign

The Evo-Chev Passive Chevron system able to withstand impact from any angle

Evo-Chev reflective Vinyl

The Evo-Chev is highly visible