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bollard removal tool

Bollard Removal Tool

The TMP Solutions Bollard Removal Tool is designed to make installing and removing their Street Bollards a breeze.
  • Needed for removal and installation of bollards into ground sockets.
  • Compatible with TMP Apus, Cetus, Orion, Phoenix, Manchester, Munro, Pictor, Pictor Minor and Pegasus bollards only.
TMP Solutions Lock Safe Ground Socket

TMP Ground Socket For Street Bollards


The LockSafe® ground socket allows the TMP range of street bollards to be easily removed and replaced for temporary, permanent or semi-permanent applications. Damaged bollards can also be quickly replaced without expensive groundworks.
  • Fully compliant to BS EN 12767 100:NE:4
  • Concreted into the ground
  • Steel plug plate is sold separately to protect socket when it is empty.
  • Recyclable
Bollard socket cover

TMP Locksafe Socket Plug Plate

The TMP Locksafe socket plug plate has been made to perfectly fit into the Locksafe socket to seal the hole when there isn't a bollard inserted into it. This plug is important to keep the socket clean and stop anyone tripping in the hole when it is empty.
  • Manufactured from steel with a protective zinc coating.
  • Easy to fit and take out when required.
Bollard Fixings

Bolt-Down Bollard Fixing Kit

This fixing kit is all that you need for bolting down an RSRB bollard straight into solid concrete.
  • Comprising of 4 x M12 Coach bolts, washers, rawl plugs and caps.