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TMP Cetus Bollards for roads and footpaths

Cetus Bollard

From: £128.25
Just like the Apus, the Cetus bollard is ideal for traffic calming schemes in and around town, as well as in the countryside. The Cetus bollard is fitted with two 20mm retroreflective bands to increase its conspicuity for motorists at night.
Orion bollard from TMP cast in or socket installation

Orion Bollard

From: £128.25
Just like the Phoenix, the Orion bollard is simple and elegant with a 150mm tall reflective band at the top. This Orion bollard also features an additional 20mm reflective strip at the base.
Manchester Bollard from TMP PU

Manchester Bollard

From: £114.00
The TMP Manchester bollard has been designed to replicate the look of traditional street bollards but at a fraction of the cost and is ideal for town centre locations.
LED way finding bollard

Manchester Solar Bollard

From: £169.00
Not only has the Manchester Solar bollard been designed to replicate the look of a traditional street bollard, but it features a solar LED stud in the top, making it ideal for wayfinding around parks and town centres.