Outstanding Customer Service, even in 2020!!

That’s right, based on our customer feedback survey we carried out at the end of last year, 98% of our customers would recommend us to a colleague, and 100% of all the respondees would buy from us again!

Well deserved praise indeed! Fantastic customer doesn’t just happen by accident, especially with all the challenges 2020 threw at us. It takes the experience, skill and dedication from the whole TMP team: Dan, Gary, Martin, Scott, Keith, Simon, Dave, Philip, Liudmila, David, Tania, Jon, Richard, Steve & Maria. #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork.

Would you recommend us to a colleague?

“The process of ordering is very simple, and works very well. The staff are always so polite over the phone, and treat customers with a lot of respect.”

“Always professional, quick to respond to enquiries, Tania is really helpful on the phone, Richard is always willing to talk through any product or question you may have”

“Had a very good experience with TMP who have helped us out and delivered at short notice when we had been let down by another supplier.”

Which of the following would you use to describe our products?

Our customers said that in general our products we reliable, high quality and represented good value for money.

How well do our products meet your needs?

Generally we make products that are exactly what our customers need.

How would you rate the value for money of the product?

Generally we make products that are great value for money.

If there’s a problem, do we sort it out and is it an easy process?

We’re human, and problems can happen, but it’s how you solve them that makes the real difference. Most orders are built and delivered without issue, but rest assured we’ll sort it swiftly if a problem does arise.

Do we deliver our products on time?

You can count on us. Barring any unforeseen, or circumstances out of our control, if we say it will be with you on Monday, it will be there on Monday.

How long have you been a customer of ours?

We are the number one choice for many Local Authorities and Contactors. We deliver on our promises and have loyal repeat customers.

How likely are you to purchase any of our products again?

Customers trust our products and trust us to deliver; that’s why they order again and again.

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