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We are pleased to report that the team of experts at TMP Ltd. are seeking to replicate the success of its innovative NonCrete bollard to a broader range of traffic management products.

Focusing on environmental best practices and honouring the internationally recognised Green Apple Environment Award for Helping the Environment, we have selected the Manchester bollard as an optimal choice for our second bio-polymer bollard.

The current TMP Manchester bollard has been designed to replicate the look of traditional street bollards and is the most popular choice for town centre locations.  The Bio Manchester is a better choice for the environment, a better health & safety option as well as cost saving.

While embodying the same features and specifications as the current Manchester bollard, TMP’s NEW Manchester BIO bollard will be made using the same material as the NonCrete – but, obviously, in black – from a bio-polymer derived from sugar cane*. Subsequently, the new product will add up to TMP’s renewable and sustainable range.

Stay tuned! We are launching soon!

For more information and further inquiries on our full range of traffic management products, reach us at or call 0208 744 8201.


*What are the benefits to the environment?

When sugar cane grows, it absorbs CO2. This carbon capture reduces the carbon levels in the atmosphere – a negative carbon footprint. Sugar cane production is regulated and adheres to local and international sustainability standards. Plantations are prohibited from expanding into areas that would negatively impact biodiversity. They do not take away arable land for farming, so there is no impact on food security and availability.

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