FG300™ Delineator

The FG300 Delineator is manufactured from self-coloured polyurethane. It's innovative cloverleaf design ensures it returns to an upright position following impact. The FG300 is UV stabilised, highly visible and resistant to fuel and oil, making it the ideal product for use in areas with high volumes of traffic.

  • Highly visible
  • Durable and economical
  • Impact resistant
  • Crash friendly design

Surface mounted or installed in conjunction with our unique kerb system, the FG300 offers the flexibility for fast, effective installation to any road surface, whether for temporary or permanent delineation.

FG300 Delineator from TMP Solutions
Orange FG300 Delineator Kerb Base

FG300 Kerb Base

The FG300 delineator bollard is quick and easy to surface mounted using the standard round base, however for greater lane separation we offer the FG300 Kerb Base. The kerb bases are available in a range of colours to either match, or provide a striking colour contrast. The unique design of the kerb allows the product to be installed in either straight or curved lines providing both a physical and visual deterrent.

Technical details

Orange FG300 Delineator Installation

Data Sheet