A robust, cost effective, chevron system that's passively safe and straightforward to install.

  • HEA Product of the Year 2018
  • 360° Impact Resilience
  • Passively Safe to BS EN 12767 100:NE:4
  • Durable and economical
  • Fully TSRGD compliant
  • 6 Year Delamination Warranty
  • Easy install & maintenance
Surface mounted or installed in conjunction with cage foundation delivers a fast and effective installation.

360 Degree Impact Resilience

We've designed, and tested, the Evo-Chev chevron system to withstand impacts from all angles. Most impacts will occur on the face of the system, but it's good to know that in the event of something different the Evo-Chev as been tested to be resilient*. We know that with other systems on the market today it can be difficult to remove a vehicle from behind a rebound chevron system, i.e going through it backwards, this is not the case* with the Evo-Chev. Forwards or backwards, impact or recovery the Evo-Chev will rebound to an upright position*.

*The idea behind all passively safe products is better safety for the driver, traffic products are not indestructible and it is impossible to guarantee performance in every impact. However, we have carried out scientific and real-world tests in accordance with BS EN 12767 and achieved the highest safety rating of 100:NE:4.

Fast-fit foundations...

Evo chev foundation cage

Each Evo-Chev is supplied with a pre-spaced mounting plate, taking the guesswork out of correct spacing at time of installation. The individual blade design enables the replacement of damaged signs to be carried out in minimal time and at minimal cost.

or retrofit base

Evo Chev easy install foundations

We also offer a unique base system, allowing the TMP Evo-Chev to be retro-fitted to other chevron blade system foundations, without the need for expensive excavation and requires no special tools.

Better visibility = better safety

By pinpointing hazardous bends, chevrons undoubtedly help to reduce accidents and casualties in dangerous locations. However, even these early warning signs can be ignored and collisions with chevrons can cause a hazard in themselves and can even remove the warning of an impending danger entirely.

We designed the Evo-Chev to specifically address these problems and to provide a fast installation process, limiting the time spent in the road by installation operatives, at these vulnerable sites.

Incorporating our patented base the Evo-Chev is designed to return to an upright position after impact and provides a continual warning of the upcoming hazard.

Evo-Chev rebound chevron full system
TMP Evo Chev Passive Chevron system motorcycle friendly

Improved safety for motorcyclists and cost savings delivered!

Read our case study on how West Sussex County Council improved road safety and reduced maintenance costs on a series of tight double bends.

Technical details

Evo-Chev without border

Multi Evo Chev with border passive chevron system

Evo-Chev with border

Conforming to BS EN 12767:2007 Passively Safe Class 100 NE 4 the TMP Evo-Chev system is manufactured from materials selected for optimum impact performance and incorporates TMP’s patented base system. Both border and non-border chevrons are applied with 3M reflective material, which carries a 6 Year Delamination Warranty.

 Chevron size 400mm / 600mm / 800mm
 D606 roundel none / 600mm -1200mm
 Width 700mm
 Orientation Left / right
 Location type Roundabout / verge
 Recyclable Yes
 Warranty 6 Year 3M Backed Delamination Full Manufacturers Warranty

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