The Apollo Solar Sign Light

With more emphasis on alternative energy sources, the TMP Apollo SP is a solar powered sign light designed to be lightweight, durable and discreet.

  • Dramatically reduced installation costs
  • Reduced installation time in areas with no power
  • Extra low voltage
  • Batteries contained in base of the column
  • Low weight, reducing windage and fatigue
  • Marine grade aluminium, no corrosion
  • No glass or ceramic PV cells, resulting in no cracking or shattering if impacted in RTC

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solar panel close up

 Easy to install and maintain

Installed with industry standard fixing channels, the frameless solar module is mounted on marine grade aluminium to eliminate corrosion. Extensive research and data gathered from the most critical time of year, when the sun is low, there is frequent cloud cover and the LEDs are on for the longest time, has determined the fixed angle of the solar panel for optimum performance. Connected to the internal batteries, the solar panel is capable of powering the LEDs for 5 days in winter without solar charge. Pulse Width Modulation optimises the charge levels to the batteries and the charge controller includes an automatic dusk/dawn feature, which can incorporate optional settings to switch the light off during certain times overnight, if required.