TMP range of traffic safety products

Basically, we invented today's traffic bollard.

It's almost twenty years ago that we brought the first retroreflective traffic bollard to our roads and highways, the Flecta. #BritishEngineering
Since then, we've listened to our customers and used our experience to develop a product range with more variety, installation options, graphic options and energy efficient illumination. We've packed innovation and quality assurance into each and every product we produce. Non more innovative, than our life-saving Evo-Chev passively safe chevron system or our visually and environmentally outstanding Apollo Alpha LED traffic sign light.


Non-illuminated traffic bollard (RSRB)


Solar illuminated traffic bollard (RSRB)


Iconic non-illuminated bollard


Classic retroreflective bollard


The original RSRB


Better visibility for high speed roads

Passively safe chevron system

Delivering increased visibility on sharp bends, our Evo-Chev chevron system could save you up to 40% on similar installations and has achieved 100:NE:4 in crash tests.
Simply put, it's designed to save lives.


Passive chevron system

Innovation and quality assurance built into each and every product!

TMP hazard markers

“X” marks... well, anything you want.

No matter what hazard you need to highlight, we have the perfect solution. Our whole range of marker posts and delineators are passively safe and reboundable. Most are built here in the UK and can be customised to your specific needs.

City Post

Versatile delineation


Effective lane marking

Tubular Hazard Markers

Highly visible

Blade Hazard

Standard or bespoke

Steel-Flex Hazard Markers

Super fast installation

Tubular Post

Simple and effective

Countdown Markers

Passive and highly visible

Tactile Paving

Clear communication

We deliver solutions, not just sell products.

ver TMP LED Sign Lights

“It’s light, Jim, but not as we know it”

We've worked long and hard to find out what makes the best sign lights. They've got to be easy to install, energy efficient, fully compliant, vandal resistant and aesthetically pleasing to match our evolving street scene. Well, we've done it with the Apollo Alpha, it's the pinnacle of innovation and design, and doesn't cost as much as you think... Want all the features of the Alpha, but in a lightweight polymer frame, try the Albion.

What's amazing is that both the Alpha and Albion will light up to a 1200mm diameter sign with just 4 LEDs. Oh, and they're fully compatible with all industry standard CMS too!

Apollo Alpha

Visual performance

Apollo Albion

Lightweight and efficient

Solar Apollo

Zero emissions sign light