The Pictor Bollard

Manufactured in the UK, the Pictor bollard features single or double sign faces designed to warn and inform road users, cyclists and pedestrians.

Variety of sign faces

Standard and bespoke sign faces available 300mm diameter
-Cycles/Pedestrians Only; Cycle Route; Cycles Prohibited; 5mph; 10mph; No Entry; No Left Turn; Turn Left; Keep Left.Please talk to us about your requirements, as we can put literally anything on the sign (within reason, of course).

Long life

Our bollards are built to last. They're abrasion and chip resistant, as well as being resistant to salt spray and uric acid. Plus at the end of their lives, our bollards are 100% recyclable.


The whole of our street furniture bollard range has been designed with the option of our innovative LockSafe® system. This means our LockSafe® roots are directly compatible with industry standard sockets already in the ground. We have options for both round and square ground sockets.


The Pictor is available as anti-ram, rigid or reboundable bollard.
For high-risk traffic calming applications we recommend our reboundable variant. It's been tested to BS EN 12767 achieving a passively safe rating of 100:NE:4, and will deliver significant cost-savings due to its ability to rebound on impact.


Traffic calming, keep left and cycle schemes.

Pictor Cycle Bollard

Anti-Ram -  Bolt-Down - Root Mount - Ground Socket & LockSafe®
What is this?

Technical details

Pictor Bollard Size

(Measurements in millimetres)

Made in the United Kingdom Flag

100% Made in the UK

 Material  Rigid/ Passively Safe Rebound to BS EN 12767 100:NE:4
 Colour  Black as standard (other colours available)
 Sign Face  300mm dia.
 Banding options  150mm | 20mm | Or no banding
 Banding colour  Red | White | Red & White | Or anything else
 Installation options  Anti-ram | Bolt-down | Standard root | Standard socket
LockSafe® root square /round | LockSafe® socket square/round
 Recyclable  Yes
 Warranty  1 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty

Data Sheet


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LockSafe® technology is built in to our root and socket ensuring maximum compatibility with existing industry standard sockets. There's no need to remove or replace the existing socket system, and replacing a damaged bollard is super quick and easy.

Our innovative approach to design and manufacturing means you could see savings of up to 30%* on your current supplier!

Anti-Ram street bollard by TMP Solutions


Cast onto a central steel core, our anti-ram bollards are designed to help protect pedestrians and other objects from vehicular impact.
Bolt-down street bollard by TMP Solutions

Bolt down

The flange plate on our surface mounting option allows you to install the bollard on any sound solid surface. Fixing kits available.
LockSafe root street bollard by TMP Solutions


Our bollard roots feature our patent pending LockSafe® system, compatible with existing square or round locks used by a number of competitor products. This means you're no longer locked-in to using the original manufacturer for repair or replacement. Also available as a basic non LockSafe® root.
LockSafe socket street bollard by TMP Solutions


Our LockSafe® ground socket allows our bollards to be easily removed and replaced for temporary, permanent or semi-permanent applications. Damaged bollards can also be quickly replaced without expensive groundworks.  Also available as a basic non LockSafe® socket.