Discover TMP street bollards

Meet our new street furniture bollards

Introducing our brand new street furniture bollards. They're made right here in the UK, from a recyclable polymer, with the option of being either anti-ram, rigid or reboundable.

Best of all, our new street bollards are compatible* with industry standard sockets. So there's no need to stay locked into your current supplier, when we could deliver significant design and cost advantages.

Fully compliant to BS EN 12767 100:NE:4

Anti- Ram - Rigid - Reboundable - Bolt Down - Root - Socket

*By compatible we mean, our LockSafe® system root will securely fit industry standard sockets, like the Glasdon® round (MK1) or square (LockFast™) ground socket/foundation.

We have ones that fit Glasdon round sockets....

and ones that fit Glasdon square sockets too....


Traditional and economical


Slim way-finding bollard


Traditional cast iron look


Modern and elegant bollard

Pictor Minor

Cycle scheme bollard

Manchester Solar

Solar stud way-finding bollard

Our innovative approach to design and manufacturing means you could see up to a 30%* saving on your current supplier!


Bollard with double reflective bands


The perfect large diameter sign bollard


Bollard with single reflective band


Robust and simple


The ultimate sign carrying bollard

Locksafe street bollard socket

Don't forget about our oak timber bollards...

Manufactured from solid Oak with a natural finish, our wooden bollards have been sourced from a sustainable wood supply and a we are FSC chain of custody approved.

LockSafe® technology is built in to our root and socket ensuring maximum compatibility with existing industry standard sockets. There's no need to remove or replace the existing socket system, and replacing a damaged bollard is super quick and easy.

Anti-Ram street bollard by TMP Solutions


Cast onto a central steel core, our anti-ram bollards are designed to help protect pedestrians and other objects from vehicular impact.
Bolt-down street bollard by TMP Solutions

Bolt down

The flange plate on our surface mounting option allows you to install the bollard on any sound solid surface. Fixing kits available.
LockSafe root street bollard by TMP Solutions


Our bollard roots feature our patent pending LockSafe® system, compatible with existing square or round locks used by a number competitor products. This means you're no longer locked-in to using the original manufacturer for repair or replacement. Also available as a basic non LockSafe® root.
LockSafe socket street bollard by TMP Solutions


Our LockSafe® ground socket allows our bollards to be easily removed and replaced for temporary, permanent or semi-permanent applications. Damaged bollards can also be quickly replaced without expensive groundworks.  Also available as a basic non LockSafe® socket.