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Road Safety Week 2017

We’ve well and truly settled into November. It’s been a busy month already; interest rates have risen, Hollywood is in uproar and the sound of fireworks has finally ceased. Perhaps more interestingly to us, this week is host to the National Road Safety week from the 20-26th. This year’s theme will be ‘Speed Down, Save Lives’.

In the UK, speeding is still one of our greatest concerns. Dangerous driving has the capability to cause needless crashes, resulting in severe damage and at its worst, costing lives. In 2016, 1792 people were killed on our roads, with just under 180,000 injured in some way, shape or form. Of those killed, over 1,000 were in built up areas. With four in 10 drivers in the UK confessing to driving 30mph in 20mph zones, according to a recent Brake Survey, there is little doubt that speeding will have played a factor in these injury statistics.

That is why this year, the Road Safety Week 2017 is promoting ‘Speed Down, Save Lives’ to encourage individuals to slow down and be safe.

Everyone can play their part in raising awareness about speeding and dangerous driving. The Road Safety Week will particularly focus on:

• Speeding results in death or serious injury on the road.
• Rural roads should not be used as race tracks
• In heavily built-up areas (used by pedestrians and cyclists) drivers should adhere to 20mph
• Driving slowly results in stopping in time
• Speed cameras exist to save lives.

Great themes that sadly often fall on deaf ears and so it’s now that we remind you that TMP offers a wide range of products that are specifically designed to reduce speed, and protect pedestrians and drivers alike.

Our products range from speedbumps, to chevrons, to bollards and a wide spectrum of street furniture. Manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and specification, we are the supplier of choice for highway engineers and consultants across the UK and beyond.

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