TMP RideSafe Cycle Route Solutions

We want to ride our bicycle, safely.

Safe cycle routes are an important feature in and around our towns & cities and it is estimated that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in these urban areas.

The demands on authorities to provide safe outside spaces featuring sustainable benefits to the environment, that will encourage the long term health and happiness of its residents and visitors, is at the heart of the publics expectations.

Our RideSafe® range of products have been sourced and developed to meet these demands and provide solutions with cyclists’ safety in mind.

TMP Cycle Lane Defender

City Cycle Lane Defender

We've teamed up with Rosehill Highways to combine our highly effective City Post Delineator with their fantastic Narrow Lane Separator system. The cycle lane defender is a visual and physical barrier between cyclists and other road users. The combined system provides continuous or light segregation by excluding other traffic from the cycle lane. They can be installed to comply with Cycling England and Sustrans guidelines, making cycle lanes 2.0m wide whenever practicable, or 1.5m at a minimum.

Pictor Minor Cycle Route Bollard

The Pictor Minor is an excellent choice for marking cycle lanes. It has the ability to displace 150mm diameter signage on both sides and is quick to install via bolt-down, concrete-in root or ground socket. We also make LockSafe versions that are compatible with industry standard ground sockets.

Pictor Minor RideSafe

Our products make new and existing cycle routes safer and more visible.
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Zicla Zebra® Cycle Lane Separator

A highly visible cycle lane separator designed to act as a visual and physical barrier between cyclists and other road users.

Made from 100% recycled PVC plastic the separators are surface mounted with three fixing points for stability and have been designed for easy, quick installation.

Separators can either be installed in a parallel line or on the diagonal where the distance between cyclists and other users needs to be increased.

Zicla Zipper® Cycle Route Planter

A complementary product for use with or without the Zebra® Cycle Lane Separator. Manufactured from recycled PVC the Zebra® Planter is resistant to weathering and due to the integrated water reservoir is low maintenance. Each planter incorporates reflective strips for visibility and is stackable, allowing varying height options.

TMP Zipper Planter Cycle Lane Separator

Zipper® Modular Cycle Lane Separator

A highly visible modular lane separator system designed to act as a visual and physical barrier between cyclists and other road users.

Made from 100% recycled PVC plastic the separators are available in 4 designs, providing numerous installation variants. Blocks are surface mounted for quick and easy installation and include reflective banding, making them highly visible to both lanes of traffic.
Separators can be installed in single parallel lines or in combinations to form islands between traffic. Standard road layouts are shown below.

Tactile Paving

Segregated Shared Cycle/Footpath Surface

Made from hard wearing stone and resin composite the cycle surface is used on shared cycle ways and footpaths. Used wherever the shared route begins/ends or crosses a carriageway. The tile ‘ribs’ are used by the visually impaired to identify the correct side of the route to enter, avoiding collisions with cyclists. The warning surface also conveys that shared route is ending or crossing a carriageway.

Segregated Shared Cycle Lane Surface

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