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Indus Bollard

From: £225.32
A slim, single aspect bollard, ideal for use on narrow or shared pavements. The Indus bollard is perfect for shared cycle lanes.

Pegasus Sign Bollard

From: £184.54
The Pegasus bollard is the ultimate sign carrying bollard for rectangular sign faces. With 305mm x 255mm signage capacity either side, the Pegasus is perfect for displaying disabled badge holder signs (661A) or enforcing other parking restrictions. Use our Bollard Builder below to customise your bollard.

Pictor Minor Bollard

From: £185.34
With the same great benefits of the Pictor bollard, the Pictor Minor features a smaller sign face, ideal for use on shared cycle or pedestrian routes.

Pictor Minor Social Distancing Bollard

The Pictor Minor is the perfect bollard for displaying a 300mm reflective sign advising people to stay 2mtrs apart. There are two red reflective bands to add to the bollards reflectivity. Great to use as a temporary measure freestanding or bolt-down as a more permanent solution to help social distancing around the workplace or highway.

Pictor Bollard

From: £233.22
Manufactured in the UK, the Pictor bollard features single or double sign faces designed to warn and inform road users, cyclists and pedestrians.