We want to ride our bicycle, safely.

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Here we have a vast range of products to create and maintain temporary or permanent cycle lanes.
Many of the items below can be installed in minutes by bolting them down direct to the highway.

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Indus Bollard

From: £225.32
A slim, single aspect bollard, ideal for use on narrow or shared pavements. The Indus bollard is perfect for shared cycle lanes.

Pictor Minor Bollard

From: £185.34
With the same great benefits of the Pictor bollard, the Pictor Minor features a smaller sign face, ideal for use on shared cycle or pedestrian routes.

Pictor Bollard

From: £233.22
Manufactured in the UK, the Pictor bollard features single or double sign faces designed to warn and inform road users, cyclists and pedestrians.

City Post Traffic Separator – Black

From: £100.00
This TMP City Post traffic separator, is perfect for areas with high volumes of traffic, rebounding back to an upright position.  It has been tested vigorously having endured 100 impacts at 100 kmh and still standing.
  • Made of flexible polyurethane
  • Remaining flexible at very high and low temperatures (-28°C to +75 °C)
  • TSRGD compliant
  • UV resistant
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • 360° visibility

Traffic Separator FG300 Post – Black

This fantastic traffic separator is ideal for use in areas with high volumes of traffic. This black traffic separator is made from black polyurethane that is highly durable and effective.
  • Highly visible
  • UV, fuel and oil resistant
  • Unique cloverleaf design, enabling self-righting from any angle.
  • Fast installation