Case Study

Illuminated Traffic Bollard Replacement Scheme for Bexley

Description of Works

London Borough of Bexley commissioned FM Conway to replace its ageing stock of lit bollards. The majority of bollards were in poor condition and being base-lit by a mixture of 1st generation LED gear trays and fluorescent lamps, but almost all bollards burning 24/7.

A survey was conducted to review the suitability of installing non-illuminated bollards. The replacement scheme would remove all illuminated bollards, with the exception of bollards located on refuge islands, on the brow of a hill, bad sightlines or installed because of known incident black spots.
Careful consideration was given to various bollard manufacturers and it was decided that TMP were the most suitable because of there proven ability to rebound after a collision, ability to deliver clear driver communication day and night and no requirement for external power -this type of bollard is also known as a ‘Retro-reflective Self-righting Bollard’ or RSRB. The RSRB was invented by TMP, originally known as Traffic Management Products (now TMP Solutions), back in the early 2000s.

FM Conway have installed approximately 900 non-illuminated bollards using the latest TMP products such as the Evo-N and the new Evo-Max.

Delivering Innovation

The Evo-N and Evo-Max are truly innovative products, classified as passively safe under BS EN 12767 and real-world tested, they rebound back to vertical following a vehicle impact. Both products display a highly visible 300mm diameter traffic sign made from 3M retroreflective material, ensuring both the bollard and traffic instruction is visible day and night. A key part of the innovation in TMP’s traffic bollard range is the versatility of installation methods: base light conversion plates, retention socket compatibility and cast-in foundation cages make installation easy no matter if it’s a new installation or a replacement.

A recent addition to TMP’s bollard lineup is the Evo-Max. A bollard that has been specifically designed to deliver maximum visibility at any angle. Perfect for this project the Evo-Max has 4X more reflective area than standard traffic bollards making it ideal for junctions and locations requiring greater lateral visibility day and night.

Challenges and Solutions

The project required strict adherence to the TSRGD 2016 giving particular attention to known incident black spots, poor sightlines and conflict areas – this required a survey and discussions with Bexley Council Traffic section.
Due to the location of some of the works, stakeholder engagement was also vital before work could be carried out since some bollards were on refuge islands and were agreed through committee.


After installing approximately 900 non-illuminated bollards Bexley has been able to reduce the bollard energy bill by 60% and dramatically reduce maintenance costs due to not having to replace bollard gear trays and attend to other electrical-based maintenance including electrical testing and cable faults.

TMP Traffic Bollards

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EVO-N Rebound Traffic Bollard

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A non-illuminated and passively safe bollard that's designed and independently tested to be fully compliant for use on the UK highway. Bollard Builder Use the options below to configure your perfect bollard.

Evo-Max Traffic Bollard

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The Evo-MAX is a non-illuminated retro-reflective self-righting bollard designed to deliver maximum visibility at any angle. Ideal for road junctions and locations requiring greater lateral visibility day and night. Bollard Builder Use the options below to configure your perfect bollard.