Climate Positive

At TMP we recognise our responsibility to help protect the planet, for future generations. We are fully committed to minimising our business’s impact on the environment and supporting those working to improve global environmental sustainability.

To support this ambition, we are putting in place a number of environmentally positive initiatives that will help reduce the amount of raw materials we use, the energy we consume, and positively engage with our customers and suppliers.

The first item in our Climate Positive campaign is committing to plant a tree for every product that we sell from 1st February 2021. This initiative will be a fully transparent process. In the Climate Positive section of our website, we will show exactly how many saplings planted each month and how that relates to the number of tonnes of CO2 they will remove each year. This data means you will be able to link your purchase to how many trees have been planted and how much your carbon footprint has been reduced.

We’re not stopping there either, planting trees is just the start.

  • We are moving our vehicle fleet to electric. We have already started this with 1/4 of our fleet being electric as of December 2020.
  • We are in the final stages of testing to allow us to use recycled material in all of our bollard products. Our bollards are already recyclable at the end of their life, but using recycled material in the manufacturing will help reduce our use of raw materials as well as reducing the amount of plastic that goes to landfill.

As we’ve said is just the start, and there will be plenty more on our Climate Positive campaign over the next few weeks and months. Plus some fantastic ways you can join in with our efforts.

Follow us in Linkedin, Twitter and bookmark this page. Together we will make the difference. Together we will be Climate Positive.


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