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Did you know we started life in the Parking Industry in 1996? and although our focus in most recent years has been in the Highways & Lighting industries, rather than car park products, we haven’t abandoned our roots. Our principle of continuous improvement and development means that we now offer better quality products and services combined with real value for money. We hope you find what you need from the wide choice of products in our Parking Category but if you have a specific challenge or problem in mind, please let us know and we will aim to find the solution for you.

Traffic Cones

Designed to comply with the latest regulations, our traffic cones are available in three standard sizes and come complete with the reflective sleeve.

traffic cones
No waiting traffic cones

No Waiting Cones

Manufactured from tough, high grade polyethylene our No Waiting Cones display the international ‘No Waiting’ symbol and are available in either thermo- plastic (self-weighted) or sand weighted versions.

Car Park Bollards + Signs

We make a full range of everyday car park signs, available in various colours and designs, plus we offer a bespoke signage service allowing you to customise the signs for your own needs. At the heart of all our car park signs is our reboundable base system, strong enough to support direction or information panels, yet allows the sign to yield easily on impact.

TMp Solutions Car Park Signs and Bollards


With a GoJaks cars & vans can be moved quickly and safely without entry into the vehicle. They're perfect for allowing vital emergency access or wining back valuable lost parking spaces. Available in two sizes: up to 2.5 tonnes and up to 3 tonnes.

Locking Parking Posts

Designed to control unauthorised access, the Standfast yellow post comes complete with integral lock and can be keyed alike if required.

car park grit bins

Grit Bins

Designed for easy storage of winter supplies of grit & salt, our bins are available in 6 cu’ and 12 cu’ sizes. They have a one-piece construction, vandal resistant and completely rot-proof.


The professional answer to starting vehicles with flat batteries, the PowerStart is quick and simple to use, making starting instant and safe.

car park mirror on white

Traffic Mirrors

We supply a a range of convex traffic mirrors for use in restricted vision areas. They're available in two sizes in acrylic and polycarbonate finishes, and can be wall or post mounted.

Traffic Flow Plates & Speed Bumps

Designed for strength & durability our traffic flow plates prevent unauthorised entry and allow the movement of traffic in one direction only. They are available in two designs for either dig-out or surface mounted installations.

Our speed bumps are surface mounted and designed to slow traffic down to a safe speed, and are available in 50mm & 75mm heights.

speed bumps
Car park traffic separators

Traffic Separators

We offer a highly visible temporary barrier system that is suitable for use as a traffic separator, barrier system or for controlling the flow of pedestrians.

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