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Narrow Cycle Lane Defender with City Post

Rosehill rubber narrow cycle lane defender and TMP City Post deliver permanent or temporary cycle lane segregation. They provide excellent safety for cyclists as they provide continuous or light segregation by excluding other traffic from the cycle lane.


The Evo-SightScreen is a reboundable visibility screen designed to reduce the speed of vehicles on the approach to roundabouts. Completely modular, the Evo-SightScreen is built using the same components as the award-winning Evo-Chev and can be made to any length.
  • Modular system
  • Durable and economical
  • Easy to install
  • Recyclable
  • BS EN 12767:2019 Passively Safe

Bolt-Down Bollard Fixing Kit

This fixing kit is all that you need for bolting down an RSRB bollard straight into solid concrete.
  • Comprising of 4 x M12 Coach bolts, washers, rawl plugs and caps.

Bolt-Down FG Post Fixing Kit

This fixing kit is all that you need for bolting down a single FG Post. Comprising of:
  • 4 qty M8 x 100mm coach screws
  • 4 qty M8 washers
  • 4 qty 12mm x 60mm Rawl plugs

Speed Bump Fixing Kit

The fixings for the speed bumps come in a set, eight fixings per metre of speedbump section.  These fixing are specially designed for the speedbump to ensured it is securely fastened into the concrete or tarmac.
  • 8 fixings per metre of speedbump section
  • Coach bolts with Fischer type plug

Bolt-Down FG Kerb Fixing Kit

This fixing kit is all that you need for bolting down a single FG Kerb. Comprising of:
  • 6 qty M8 x 100mm coach screws
  • 6 qty M8 washers
  • 6 qty 12mm x 60mm Rawl plugs
  Delivery Estimate: 3 - 5 Days

Traffic Cone ‘No Waiting’

The "No Waiting' traffic cone is perfect for managing areas from being blocked such as outside schools and hotels where pickups and drop-offs occur frequently.
  • Fully regulations compliant
  • Stackable
  • Stable triangular structure
  • 'No waiting' symbol visible on all sides

Foundation Anchor Cup for City Post

The TMP anchor cup for the City post is a fantastic design for quick installation. Once the anchor cup is installed into the road surface the City post can be easily positioned into it locking securely, and the post can just as easily be replaced.
  • Aluminium cast socket
  • Quick Installation with Epoxy resin

Wrench for TMP City Post

The Wrench for the TMP City post has been specially designed to fit perfectly around the City post bottom groves. The wrench enables the Post to be tightened when installing into Anchor Cup and loosened when removal is necessary.
  • Unique design for the City Post

Orange Traffic Cone

The orange traffic cone is perfect for managing areas that need separating temporarily such as road works or for saving areas for private parking.
  • Fully regulations compliant
  • Stackable
  • Self-weighted thermoplastic
  • Highly visible reflective sleeve EN13422

Blue Traffic Cone

The Blue traffic cone is perfect for managing areas that need warning of overhead structures, such as where road works are being carried out.
  • Fully regulations compliant
  • Stackable
  • LDPE, 100% recycled composite base.
  • Highly visible reflective sleeve EN13422

Bollard Foundation Cage

The Bollard Foundation Cage is manufactured from steel with a protective zinc coating.
  • Recommended for all new installations.
  • It's super easy to install, just concrete it in and bolt on your chosen bollard.

TMP Locksafe Socket Plug Plate

The TMP Locksafe socket plug plate has been made to perfectly fit into the Locksafe socket to seal the hole when there isn't a bollard inserted into it. This plug is important to keep the socket clean and stop anyone tripping in the hole when it is empty.
  • Manufactured from steel with a protective zinc coating.
  • Easy to fit and take out when required.

Bollard Removal Tool

The TMP Solutions Bollard Removal Tool is designed to make installing and removing their Street Bollards a breeze.
  • Needed for removal and installation of bollards into ground sockets.
  • Compatible with TMP Orion, Manchester, Munro, Pictor, Pictor Minor and Pegasus bollards only.

Churchill Verge Marker Post

The Churchill bollard is a plastic blow moulded verge maker. Easy to install and hard wearing, the Churchill post has a cylindrical design with hi vis reflective area conforming to RI EN12899-1 class R2 reflectors.
  • Multipurpose usage - highway verges / hard standing areas
  • EN 12899-1 Class R2 reflectors.

Traffic Bollard Adapter Plate for TMP / NAL Retention Sockets

Our retention socket adaptor allows any of our surface mounted traffic bollards, and many others on the market, to be compatible with the TMP or NAL 50x50 Retention Socket.
  • Compatible with: Evo-MAX, Evo-N, Evo-S, Flecta, Heritage and Metro TMP Bollards
  • Fits TMP or NAL 50x50 Retention Sockets
  • Ideal for high risk areas where frequent bollard replacement is needed.

Kingham Verge Marker

The durable verge marker is made from polyethylene a hardy material perfect for use on our roads. The hazard marker is an economical solution for use on road to highlight dangerous verges, with its highly reflective red and white reflective bands road users, will not miss them.
  • Polyethylene blow moulded design.
  • EN 12899-1 Class R2 reflective sheeting.
  • 1200mm high.

Bollard Conversion Plate

Our bollards can also be retrofitted to replace traditional base lit bollards, by using the Universal Conversion Plate, which allows easy installation without the need to excavate or remove the existing light box. The plates are manufactured from stainless steel and powder coated in matt black. *Haldo variant available.

Traffic Bollard Conversion Plate from Haldo to TMP

The Type B Haldo Plate is designed for easy instalment of TMP Bollards where  Haldo bollards are currently placed. The plate is placed over the existing Haldo bollard base to covert it into taking TMP modern bollards.
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Quick installation
  • Avoids costly excavation works

Sheffield Cycle Stand

Our Sheffield Cycle Stand is a traditional and practical bike storage solution.
  • 100% steel
  • Galvanised or Painted option
  • Root Fixed or Bolt Down

Bike Rack – Floor or Wall Mount

From: £29.99
Our Bike Rack is an efficient bike storage solution that can be mounted on the floor or wall.

Polyurethane Resin Adhesive – Tactile Paving

Dry Use Resin
  • Use one tub per box of ten tiles

Sheffield Cycle Stand Extra

This Sheffield Cycle Stand has a cross bar to provide a second attachment point for locks. The stand will secure up to two bikes (one each side) and can be used for all bike sizes (including children’s bikes).
  • 100% steel
  • Galvanised or Painted option
  • Root Fixed or Bolt Down

TMP Ground Socket For Street Bollards


The LockSafe® ground socket allows the TMP range of street bollards to be easily removed and replaced for temporary, permanent or semi-permanent applications. Damaged bollards can also be quickly replaced without expensive groundworks.
  • Fully compliant to BS EN 12767 100:NE:4
  • Concreted into the ground
  • Steel plug plate is sold separately to protect socket when it is empty.
  • Recyclable