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EVO-N Rebound Traffic Bollard

From: £164.78
A non-illuminated and passively safe bollard that's designed and independently tested to be fully compliant for use on the UK highway. Bollard Builder Use the options below to configure your perfect bollard.

Bolt-Down Bollard Fixing Kit

This fixing kit is all that you need for bolting down an RSRB bollard straight into solid concrete.
  • Comprising of 4 x M12 Coach bolts, washers, rawl plugs and caps.

Traffic Separator FG300 Post – Black

This fantastic traffic separator is ideal for use in areas with high volumes of traffic. This black traffic separator is made from black polyurethane that is highly durable and effective.
  • Highly visible
  • UV, fuel and oil resistant
  • Unique cloverleaf design, enabling self-righting from any angle.
  • Fast installation

Epoxy Resin Adhesive – Tactile Paving

Wet Use EP Resin
  • Use one tub per box of ten tiles

Pictor Minor Bollard

From: £209.00
With the same great benefits of the Pictor bollard, the Pictor Minor features a smaller sign face, ideal for use on shared cycle or pedestrian routes.

Bollard Foundation Cage

The Bollard Foundation Cage is manufactured from steel with a protective zinc coating.
  • Recommended for all new installations.
  • It's super easy to install, just concrete it in and bolt on your chosen bollard.

Foundation Anchor Cup for City Post

The TMP anchor cup for the City post is a fantastic design for quick installation. Once the anchor cup is installed into the road surface the City post can be easily positioned into it locking securely, and the post can just as easily be replaced.
  • Aluminium cast socket
  • Quick Installation with Epoxy resin

EVO-S Solar Traffic Bollard

From: £494.34
The EVO-S is a solar powered traffic bollard with an illuminated 300mm sign face. It's been designed and independently tested to be fully compliant for use on the UK highway. Bollard Builder Use the options below to configure your perfect bollard.

City Post Traffic Separator – Orange

From: £139.83
This TMP City Post traffic separator, is perfect for areas with high volumes of traffic, rebounding back to an upright position.  It has been tested vigorously having endured 100 impacts at 100 kmh and still standing.
  • Made of flexible polyurethane
  • Remaining flexible at very high and low temperatures (-28°C to +75 °C)
  • TSRGD compliant
  • UV resistant
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • 360° visibility

Kingham Verge Marker

The durable verge marker is made from polyethylene a hardy material perfect for use on our roads. The hazard marker is an economical solution for use on road to highlight dangerous verges, with its highly reflective red and white reflective bands road users, will not miss them.
  • Polyethylene blow moulded design.
  • EN 12899-1 Class R2 reflective sheeting.
  • 1200mm high.

Tall Tubular Hazard Marker

The TMP tall tubular hazard marker is terrific for use on UK highways due to its self-righting design and reflective coatings white on the front and red on the reverse.  Making this marker highly visible day and night and perfect for highlighting hazards next to fast moving traffic.

Polyurethane Resin Adhesive – Tactile Paving

Dry Use Resin
  • Use one tub per box of ten tiles

Metro 2.0 Traffic Bollard

From: £160.47
The Metro 2.0 RSRB is contemporary non-illuminated traffic bollard featuring a rounded top. This is a passively safe product. Bollard Builder Use the options below to configure your perfect bollard.

Speed Bump Fixing Kit

The fixings for the speed bumps come in a set, eight fixings per metre of speedbump section.  These fixing are specially designed for the speedbump to ensured it is securely fastened into the concrete or tarmac.
  • 8 fixings per metre of speedbump section
  • Coach bolts with Fischer type plug

Traffic Separator FG300 Post – Orange

This impressive marker post is ideal for use in areas with high volumes of traffic . It is made from a orange polyurethane, which is durable and economical.
  • Highly visible
  • UV, fuel and oil resistant
  • Unique cloverleaf design , enabling self-righting at any angle
  • Fast installation

Traffic Bollard Retention Socket

The TMP Retention Socket is the perfect foundation choice for bollards located in vulnerable areas that are prone to repeated knockdowns. Bollards can be installed and replaced in seconds, not only making it safer for the highway operatives but there are considerable traffic management and civils savings too!
  • 50x50 Retention Socket
  • Fast and safe bollard installation and replacement
  • More cost effective than traditional foundations

TMP Ground Socket For Street Bollards


The LockSafe® ground socket allows the TMP range of street bollards to be easily removed and replaced for temporary, permanent or semi-permanent applications. Damaged bollards can also be quickly replaced without expensive groundworks.
  • Fully compliant to BS EN 12767 100:NE:4
  • Concreted into the ground
  • Steel plug plate is sold separately to protect socket when it is empty.
  • Recyclable

Alpha – Sign Light

From: £181.50
Completely redesigned and now entirely manufactured in the UK, the Alpha aluminium sign light has industry-leading power efficiency and will illuminate traffic signs up to 1200mm.
  • Made from recycled aluminium.
  • Anti-vandal IP66 rated body.
  • Power consumption of only 2.6 watts
  • 10 year warranty
Sign column/post, sign or jubilee clips not included.

Disabled Parking Only – Car Park Sign Bollard

The TMP car park sign 'Disabled Parking Only' is ideal for directing traffic into the right parking areas. With retro-reflective covering the sign can be seen perfectly in the low light of the car park making sure important information is always on hand.
  • High-intensity Prismatic material 2-BS EN 12895-1:2001
  • Reboundable
  • Single Sided
  • 3mm grey polypropylene
  • Tested to withstand impacts at 60mph

Manchester Bollard

From: £134.18
The TMP Manchester bollard has been designed to replicate the look of traditional street bollards but at a fraction of the cost and is ideal for town centre locations.

NOW AVAILABLE - Manchester Bio - our Manchester bollard made from a bio-polymer derived from sugar cane.

Bollard Removal Tool

The TMP Solutions Bollard Removal Tool is designed to make installing and removing their Street Bollards a breeze.
  • Needed for removal and installation of bollards into ground sockets.
  • Compatible with TMP Orion, Manchester, Munro, Pictor, Pictor Minor and Pegasus bollards only.

Orion 150 Bollard

From: £169.48
The Orion 150 is an elegant and robust polymer bollard with a 150mm tall reflective band at the top and optional 20mm reflective band at the base. Truly versatile, the Orion 150 bollard comes in standard or passively safe rebound material and installs with a socket, steel-core or concrete. Use our Bollard Builder below to customise your bollard.

Traffic Bollard Conversion Plate from Haldo to TMP

The Type B Haldo Plate is designed for easy instalment of TMP Bollards where  Haldo bollards are currently placed. The plate is placed over the existing Haldo bollard base to covert it into taking TMP modern bollards.
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Quick installation
  • Avoids costly excavation works

Black Reflective Flat Hazard Marker

From: £94.16
The TMP Black Reflective Flat Blade Hazard Markers are versatile sign bollards that are fantastic for identifying hazards and highlighting dangerous verges.
  • Compliant to TSRGD
  • 6 Year Delamination Guarantee
  • Retroreflective & Self-righting