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Flat Blade Hazard Marker

From: £99.22
These Flat Blade Hazard Markers are versatile sign bollards that are fantastic for identifying hazards and highlighting dangerous verges. The bright yellow hazard markers with road signs on are perfect for directing traffic and giving direction in limited space as they are slight but still pack a punch visually.

Social Distancing Flat Blade Marker

These flat blade social distancing markers are versatile covid-19 bollards that display a 150mm dia. sign advising people to stay 2mtrs apart.

Grit Bin

The Grit Bin is essential for keeping us safe on the roads and paths today. It is especially useful in work yards where vehicles are moving about constantly. This bin holds up to 250 litres of grit or salt, ready for spreading on any wintery day.
  • Tough moulded polyethylene
  • Completely rot-proof
  • Drain holes provided in the base
  • One-piece fully integrated hinge
  • Vandal resistant

Lockable Parking Post

The yellow lockable parking post is great for temporarily restricting vehicle access. The post is key operated, it can be unlocked and lowered to lay flat on the floor, giving access to private parking spaces.
  • Complete with 2 keys
  • Powder-coated in bright yellow
  • Easy Installation, bolted down

Traffic Cone ‘No Waiting’

The "No Waiting' traffic cone is perfect for managing areas from being blocked such as outside schools and hotels where pickups and drop-offs occur frequently.
  • Fully regulations compliant
  • Stackable
  • Stable triangular structure
  • 'No waiting' symbol visible on all sides

Sunken Type Flow Plate

This sunken type of flow plate is perfect for restricting vehicles from entering a specific area from one direction but still allows the flow of traffic from the other direction.
  • Counterbalance action
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for any vehicle
  • Easy to install with concrete